Sunday, November 7, 2010

(TECH) Israel’s Latest Airport Security Technology

"Video below: Israel has a reputation for being the world leader when it comes to airport security.

This week security officials from all over the world came to Tel Aviv for the first annual Homeland Security Conference--a chance to see Israeli security companies present the latest technology for combating terrorism.

'We're looking at a lot of face-recognition technology,' said Richard Edgeworth, the Chicago Department of Aviation's Security Chief. 'Our concern is also the terrorists that are coming from within the Unites States. It's not just from over the oceans. Terror from within is a major problem right now.'

Face-recognition technology allows law enforcement to scan a photo of a wanted suspect. If that person shows up at the airport, a simple face scan would be able to alert authorities who can then use cameras to monitor and track the individual.

But some Israeli security experts say it's not just about the latest technology.

'We started checking people and then they started putting the bombs in their underwear,' said Tomer Benito, Tamar Explosives. 'We started checking shoes, they started putting the bombs in different places. We have to be ahead all the time. We have to also teach people how to better detect possible terrorists.'" (source)

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