Saturday, November 6, 2010

(VIDEO) Dr. Heskel Haddad: Jews From Arab Countries

Everybody is concerned about the plight of the Palestinian people. Peace process, roadmaps, United Nations and Arab leagues.

For over 60 years a group of Arabs have been held up in refugee camps in various Arab countries. Not allowed to settle down or to acquire citizenship in any Arab country.

At the same time, several million Jews from many Arab countries have been expelled from homes and land they lived in for over two thousand years.

Penniless and homeless, most have been absorbed in Israel, and they rebuilt their lives in a new world.

What of the billions they left behind in their old country? What of the land and culture they were forced to leave behind? What of their rights? What of compensation for their land and funds robbed and confiscated by their old host countries?

Dr. Heskel Haddad, an optolmologist in New York City, was expelled from Iraq in 1951, for the crime of being a Jew. Coming from a well off family, he was forced to leave it all behind, with just the clothes he had on his back.

Haddad is now asking for his voice to be heard. "When talking about the Palestinians, what about my land and possessions I left behind in Iraq?" asks Haddad.

Listen to a fascinating story of exile and persecution, which has a happy ending, but leaves miriads of questions to the entire world community unanswered.

Why do the Jews have to provide for the Palestinians that which their Arab brothers refuse to grant them?

Jews and Israel have absorbed their penniless brothers from Arab countries who were expelled and robed by the Arab world. Why don't the Arabs have to return that theft?

Who speaks on behalf of the Jews (expelled) from Arab Countries?

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