Sunday, December 12, 2010

(NEWS) Vicious Teens Cried 'Jew, Jew' As They Punched & Beat Rabbi Unconscious During Thanksgiving Attack

Video below: "The victim of a Thanksgiving hate crime testified Friday his attackers screamed 'Jew, Jew!' as they beat him unconscious on a Brooklyn street.

'They ripped off my clothes, my hat and my yarmulke. They were punching my face,' said Joel Weinberger, 26, a Hasidic rabbi and father of four.

Weinberger ended up with numerous fractures and a broken eye socket. He had three steel implants in his cheek, he told the Daily News outside the courtroom.

'I was hit from the back; I lost consciousness,' Weinberger testified at an evidence hearing.

He came to, tried to run away, but was hit repeatedly until he blacked out again, he said.

Two 15-year-old boys were charged with assault as a hate crime for the attack on Harrison St. in Williamsburg.

Two NYPD detectives testified that the teens said they attacked 'the Jew' because 'it was something fun to do.'

Detective Nicole Carter said the boys claimed they 'were bored,' went to a park, bought a '$5 bag of weed, got high' and then decided to go to what they called 'Jew town.'

One of the teens is accused of later beating two other Orthodox Jews - one last Saturday and another on Monday as he left a Chanukah party.

Because the suspects were charged as juveniles, The News is not publishing their names.

Both are chronic truants and drug users who cannot be controlled by their parents, probation reports say.

One of the teens was laughing during the proceedings, prompting a warning from the judge to 'treat the process with dignity.'

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for Dec. 17." (source)

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