Sunday, January 16, 2011

(PIC) Pictures Of The Real Gaza (Album 5)

The world believes that Gaza is an open air prison or concentration camp which Israel has placed these people in to, this of course is entirely untrue! So I put together a set of pictures of Gaza which show a whole different story to what the media show everyone...

These are the types of pictures that you will never see in the media, because if they did end up showing people this, none of the propaganda we are being fed would make sense any more... The typical scenes of Palestinian cities are usually of "war zones", "homeless people", "people crying", "barren and dry land" etc. etc. I have seen many videos and pictures of the Palestinian cities and villages and they are as vibrant as Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Sure some of the buildings are old but so are most of Israel's buildings. This does not mean that there are not people who are homeless or hungry or in need of aid, but it is not the majority as the media makes it out to be... Israel also has people that are homeless, hungry and in need of aid...

I may sound heartless or blunt about this but it is not my intention. I am merely showing you other sides to the Palestinian areas that the media do not show you... If we are all supposed to believe what really goes on in there, then I feel we all need to know everything and not just what we get fed...

Does this seem like a concentration camp or open air prison which Israel is supposedly responsible for?

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Additional Albums:
Album 1 | Album 2 | Album 3 | Album 4

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