Friday, March 29, 2013

At the "Media Review Network", if the truth doesn't suit them, they create their own version...

The Media Review Network (MRN), known on twitter as @mrn1sa, has appeared on the anti-Israel scene like a fish to water. The self proclaimed exposer of the supposed “Zionist Apartheid” against Palestinians, has taken the lead spouting lies and distortions of half truths about the conflict and so doing serves to perpetuate the libel of Israel's “crimes”. This group who claim to “foster bridges of understanding among the diverse people of [South Africa]” continuously prove themselves to be a divisive force, creating an environment of misunderstanding and hatred towards one thing, Israel. While aiming to “dispel the myths and stereotypes about Islam and Muslims”, they serve to reinforce a particular stereotype of the anti-Semitic Muslim who will ignore dictatorships, violence, human rights abuses, poverty and genocide everywhere in the world (especially those committed by fellow Muslims in Arab countries) except when it imagines Israel is the perpetrator!

In interactions with numerous pro Israel twitter accounts, MRN has been caught out blatantly lying about various aspects of Israeli society.

This article will point out some of the most obvious lies.

Lie 1

MRN claimed that Israel does not allow Arabs or any non Jews for that matter into the Israel defense Force (IDF). This vicious lie ignores the many Arab heroes who have faithfully served in the IDF. Most recently, Major Ala Wahib, a general in the army has written about his strong Zionist feelings. Anet Haskia, a Muslim Arab woman, has sent her children to the army and is proud of it and her country, Israel. The Bedouin Arabs are among the most sought after recruits as are the Druze who declare their loyalty to both Israel and the army regularly.

Lie 2

Another lie that MRN claim is that Israel illegally use White Phosphorus against Palestinians. Firstly, according to a Harvard law school document the use of WP is legal as an illuminator and a smoke screen. The Red Cross has stated that Israel's use of WP is legal under international law. This hasn't stopped MRN from making unfounded statements.

Lie 3

MRN recently claimed a member of the South African Zionist Federation said that South Africans are the best people to judge what is and what isn't apartheid. Thus implying he said “If South Africans say Israel is Apartheid it must be true”. What MRN failed to do is state the full quote and its context. Having spoken directly to Mr Avrom Krengel and many people who attended the seminar the truth was discovered. What he actually said was that "a tactic BDS movement people use is to get the South African government to encourage this view of Israel as an Apartheid State, as they “should” know what Apartheid is" he also added that "it is important to educate people the truth about Israel and its value as a democracy". That's a big difference and highlights one of the multiple manipulations MRN uses in promoting their vile smear agenda against Israel.

Lie 4

It would be interesting to know exactly which “Institutionalised regime of domination amounting to Apartheid” MRN is referring to. Israel is the only country in the Middle East to give those Arab refugees from the 1948 war, full citizenship and rights. There is no distinction between an Arab citizen or Jewish citizen of Israel. Indeed many prominent Israeli Arabs have arisen, for examples the Supreme court Judge who sentenced former Israeli President to jail. There are Israeli Arab ministers in Israel’s parliament. Arab doctors treat Jewish patients, next to Jewish doctors who treat Arab patients. Many Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza enter Israel to receive some of the best treatment in the world for free.

The Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza have their own governments, the PA and Hamas respectively. These governments decide the day to day living of Palestinians and have been accused of corruption from Yasser Arafat hiding billions of dollars of aid in overseas bank accounts to Abbas who has similar accounts. While supposed to be democratic, Abbas is currently in the 9th year of his 4 year presidency term. Hamas was elected under through rule of might in a bloody civil war with the PA and has not had an election since 2006. With these facts one has to ask, who is really practicing Apartheid. The answer is NOT Israel.

Anyone who is proved to lie and manipulate should be called out. It is one thing to care about the Palestinians but it is quite another to use lies and distortions to promote a hidden agenda, which in the case if MRN, is undeniably the destruction of the State of Israel, rather than the rights of Palestinians.


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