Friday, May 30, 2014

Roseanne Barr follows Israel Muse on Twitter

Well Roseanne Barr has finally seen the light and decided to not only retweet many of Israellycool's Twitter posts but she has also decided to follow Israel Muse as shown below in the screenshot of my Twitter feed.

Pro-Israel blogger Israellycool has been monitoring her progress quite closely and she has made a clear and strong shift from being very anti-Israeli to being more of a supporter of Israel. However I am not sure what made her change her tune, especially considering her boyfriend Johnny Argent is extremely anti-Israeli and at times anti-Semitic. He hangs out with self-hating useful idiots such as Gilad Atzmon. I had many arguments on twitter with both Johnny Argent and Gilad Atzmon in the past and it's clear who was influencing who there. Let's hope she will stay on the side of fact and reason.

Here is the screenshot of my Twitter feed

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