Monday, July 19, 2010

(BLOG) IDF: First Of Its Kind, Israeli Female Reconnaissance Unit

"First of its kind female reconnaissance unit hunts terrorists, drug dealers on border.

The women of Nahshol ('large wave' in Hebrew,) the world's first female-only unit dedicated to combat intelligence missions, combine the fighting capabilities of combat forces with advanced intelligence-gathering skills.

Members of the previously unexposed unit are tasked with monitoring enemy movements and thwarting terror activity along Israel's southern borders. A sign at the entrance to the base of these desert amazons sums up their combat doctrine: 'Seeing without being seen.'

The female combat soldiers are deployed in ambushes based on intelligence information gathered by the army. They specialize in building camouflaged positions in the field and are tasked with spotting enemy forces and guiding IDF troops and gunships to their target."

Here are some images of the unit in training. (IDF) - click to enlarge

Photographer: Dan Bronfeld, IDF Spokesperson

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