Tuesday, July 20, 2010

(BLOG) Saxony, Israel's Friend In Europe

"Stanislaw Tillich, minister-president of Free State of Saxony, is one of Jewish state's greatest supporters in Germany, all of Europe.

Stanislaw Tillich is often mentioned on the websites of NPD, the German neo-Nazi party. Tillich, the minister-president of the Free State of Saxony, has consciously turned himself into the neo-Nazis' most dangerous enemy.

The 51-year-old conservative politician is engaged in a personal all-out war against the racist Right, as NPD has turned Saxony into its main political stronghold. In the regional elections held six years ago, Germans were shocked to see the neo-Nazis win 10% of all votes in the former eastern German state and send 12 representatives into the parliament. In some areas in Saxony, the support for neo-Nazis reached one-third of all voters."

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