Wednesday, July 21, 2010

(BLOG) Should Israel Bomb Iran?

"Better safe than sorry.

There is only one thing that terrifies Washington’s foreign policy establishment more than the prospect of an American airstrike against Iran’s nuclear-weapons facilities: an Israeli airstrike. Left, right, and center, 'sensible' people view the idea with alarm.

Such an attack would, they say, do great damage to the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan, where Tehran would counterattack, punishing 'the Great Satan' (America) for the sins of 'the Little Satan' (Israel).

An Israeli strike could lead to the closing of the world’s oil passageway, the Strait of Hormuz; prompt Muslims throughout the world to rise up in outrage; and spark a Middle Eastern war that might drag in the United States. Barack Obama’s 'New Beginning' with Muslims, such as it is, would be over the moment Israeli bunker-busting bombs hit."

(11 page article)

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