Thursday, July 29, 2010

(NEWS) Video: Self Proclaimed 'Messiah' Attacked In Tel Aviv

"Passersby watch on as self-described 'messiah' at Carmel Market brutally assaulted.

Cell phone footage shows a well-known Tel Aviv eccentric being attacked by a young man several weeks ago as passersby fail to intervene.

Hardly any shoppers at Tel Aviv's Carmel Market are unfamiliar with 'Messiah', a long-haired man dressed in a red shiny cape who can invariably be found sitting at the Magen David Square right outside the market."

- (video embedded in article)

My Opinion

This is quite a disgusting thing to do to someone even if he claims to be a "Messiah", who knows, maybe he is...either way its a terrible thing to do to someone...

For you non-Israelis reading this, it is not a common thing to happen in Israel, fights like this, as we do not have a major problem with alcohol abuse like other countries do..

The guy in the video is very drunk, you can see his movements are "drunk like" and he is also a Russian immigrant, they are often involved in violent fights, this does not mean all Russians are like this but it is very common amongst them...

It makes me sad to see a Jew behaving like this and they give the rest of us a bad name...

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