Thursday, August 12, 2010

(ARTS) Israel: Emerging Artists Engaging In A Visual Language

"Small though it is, Israel has been providing more than its share of artistic talent to the global art circuit, especially where video and performance art are concerned.

Over the past decade Guy Ben-Ner has become known for what might be called home videos, starting with a version of 'Moby-Dick' shot in his kitchen, starring himself and his young daughter; Tamy Ben-Tor has startled the art world with scathing depictions of a cast of characters ranging from a pretentious art theorist to an aging Nazi; Mika Rottenberg has created a genre of disorienting video installations centering on women enacting strange tasks; Ohad Meromi, another sculpturally inclined video installationist, has revisited 'The Odyssey' and Brecht."

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