Thursday, August 12, 2010

(NEWS) Lebanon Debates Giving Palestinians Rights

"Mohammed al-Amin spends his days doing little more than playing billiards and smoking cigarettes in this sprawling Palestinian refugee camp, where gunmen roam narrow alleyways dotted with tin-roofed, cement-block homes.

The 25-year-old studied dental lab technology but works at a small, grubby coffee shop in the camp, making $100 a month. He dreams of working with a respected doctor in Lebanese society and being welcomed like any other foreigner, without being looked down on.

'Sometimes I feel like a pressurized bottle that's about to explode,' said al-Amin, who was born in Ein el-Hilweh years after his family fled what is now Israel. 'Why should three quarters of the Palestinian people here be selling coffee on the street?'

The approximately 400,000 Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, many of them born here, are barred by law from any but the most menial professions and are denied many basic rights."

My Opinion

Amazing how people in the world do not even know that Lebanon and other Arab states do not give Palestinians the same rights they have and yet they criticize us for not giving them rights, when in actual fact Israel does not control their rights at all, Hamas and PA do...

Israel only doesnt allow them easy access to Israel as they are not citizens of this country, duh, like any country in the world does... But apparently it is not acceptable for us to do this...

Feel free to criticize Israel once you have also criticized and protested against the treatment of Palestinians by their own people in other Arab states, until then put a sock in it.

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