Thursday, August 19, 2010

(NEWS) French Aid Group Says Hamas Seized Their Equipment & Medical Files

"French aid group Help Doctors accused the Palestinian Hamas organisation on Wednesday of seizing equipment and files from one of its Gaza clinics which it closed in June.

'Four men from the (Hamas) interior ministry entered the clinic on Tuesday morning and seized computer equipment, telephones, chairs, office equipment and medical files,' the organisation said in a statement.

The men left the premises without saying why the equipment was being confiscated, it said.
On June 16 the clinic in the southern Gaza town of Khan Yunis was closed on the orders of the Islamist Hamas rulers of the coastal enclave, the statement said.

The centre, which specialises in the treatment of chronic illnesses, had cared for some 5,000 patients since it opened in April 2009 and provided 'free health care to diabetics,' the statement said.

The organisation denounced the clinic's closure as 'an unfair decision which endangers the health of some patients' and which 'violates international humanitarian law'" (source)

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