Tuesday, August 10, 2010

(NEWS) Hamas On Killing Spree In Gaza

"Distressed Hamas in midst of massive hunt for collaborators, spree of executions in Strip.

News stories about bodies found at sea are occasionally published by Gaza newspapers. The number of such bodies isn't huge, yet not all those drowning victims chose to go swimming voluntarily. The Gazans who found their death at sea include mid-level officials at sensitive government ministries, the Interior Ministry for example, alongside police and security officers.

Some of them were shot in the head before being sent on their swim."

My Opinion

It makes me sick to think that a large amount of "humanitarian peace activists" support the evils of Hamas and condemn Israel just for being Israel...

If you support Hamas for these types of actions, then you are no different to them and should also be regarded as a deranged terrorist, you have to be sick in your mind to accept this type of behavior and claim it is justified while at the same time making Israel out to be as evil as this lot...

I think it is time that any non-Palestinian supporters of Hamas have a good look and rethink your ideas and compassion towards them, you may as well have supported Hitler then and probably would have...

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