Monday, August 2, 2010

(NEWS) Rockets Explode In Eilat, Aqaba; Casualties In Jordan

"Rocket apparently fired by terrorists in Sinai explodes in open area in Israel's southernmost city; three more land in Red Sea; another rocket hits Aqaba, killing one person and injuring five. Peres: Attack part of struggle between moderates, extremists.

Five rockets were fired towards Eilat and the Jordanian port city of Aqaba Monday morning. There were no reports of injury or damage in Eilat. One of the projectiles landed in an open area in Israel's southernmost city, three more landed in the Red Sea - two of them in Jordanian territory - while a fifth rocket hit Aqaba.

Jordanian authorities said a Grad rocket landed near vehicles parked at the entrance to the InterContinental Hotel in Aqaba. Local media outlets reported that five people were injured in the attack. One of them, 40-year-old Subhi al-Alauna, died of his wounds several hours later. The rest of those wounded in the attack are said to be in light condition. The hotel's public relations director told Ynet it was not damaged."

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