Thursday, August 12, 2010

(TECH) Surf Communication Solutions Licenses Texas Instruments' High Quality Video Codecs

"Solution yields high performance, better video resolution and optimization on a single DSP.

SURF Communication Solutions (, a leading developer of high capacity, real-time multimedia processing solutions for the telecommunications industry, today announced they will license the Texas Instruments' (TI) video codecs for use in their video communication solutions.

SURF will license the H263, H264 and MPEG4 video codecs from Texas Instruments. The TI video codecs offer flexible rate control to support multiple video communication applications including video calling and video conferencing, IVVR-contact centre and other IVVR applications, mobile VOD and video ringback tones to name a few. The premium codecs work with a wide variety of devices including iPhone/iPod/iPad, smartphones, laptops and PCs, video phones and more.

Avi Fisher, SURF CTO explained, 'SURF's customers will be able to take advantage of high performance and better video optimization from a single DSP. They will be able to develop higher quality applications yet consume less DSP resources as the ability to support more user requests per board results in a less costly solution.'

According to Texas Instruments, the programmable codec parameters can be optimized for speed or subjective video quality depending on the needs of the end product and to support numerous complex tools. 'This collaboration will enable OEMs to take advantage of high quality integrated Surf solutions for voice and video while substantially reducing their time to market,' said Rajesh Pal, strategic marketing manager, video infrastructure, Texas Instruments." (source)

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