Sunday, September 12, 2010

(BLOG) Imam Rauf Plays To The Ignorance Of The Average Muslim

"Reza Safa, a Christian convert and evangelist who grew up as a devout Muslim, wrote a book called 'Inside Islam.' In it, he points out that, very few Muslims have read the Koran because the rate of illiteracy in many Muslim countries is 75 to 85 percent. He also states that since only 20 percent of Muslims worldwide can read Arabic, they don't fully know what the Koran advocates - particularly the females who have to deal with Sura 4:34's tacit advocacy of wife beating, although they well know what their society allows.

Safa gave an example in his book of how the Koran is seen as a symbolic icon by the average Muslim and not a book to study and reflect on. In pages 86-87 he recalls a conversation he had with an Arabic speaking Muslim not from the ruling elites:"

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