Monday, October 25, 2010

(BLOG) Comparing Jews To Nazis Meets NPR's 'Editorial Standards And Practices'

"NPR's mindset has not changed since they blacklisted terrorism expert Steven Emerson in response to a complaint from a Hamas supporter...whom they invited to be a commentator.

Remember what National Public Radio did to its foreign editor Loren Jenkins last year after he said, 'Israel has used Gaza as a bombing target practice'?

They did nothing to him, for he was simply espousing the reckless anti-Israel hyperbole that is business-as-usual for NPR. Addressing an audience at an Aspen public radio event, Jenkins also said that Israel 'created the biggest ghetto we've ever known' and is therefore responsible for the likelihood that Gazans 'are all going to be turned into Palestinian terrorists because they have nothing else to do.'"

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