Sunday, October 10, 2010

(NEWS) Jordanian Man Renames Daughter From "Golda Meir" To "Aisha"

"AMMONNEWS - The Jordanian Civil Status Department approved the request submitted by a local father to change the name of his 4-year old daughter from 'Golda Meir' to 'Aisha.'

The approval comes following the pleas made by the father, Eyad Mustafa Ahmad Oudeh, over a radio station to change his daughter's name.

Golda Meir is the name of Israel's former Prime Minister between 1969-1974, she became Israel's fourth prime minister and was an influential figure in the establishment of the state of Israel and continued occupation of Palestine.

The father explained that he named his daughter "Golda Meir" to be able to get a visiting permit from Israel to see his three children, who live with their mother (the father ex-wife) in occupied Jerusalem, as he said.

Israeli authorities did not allow the children to travel to Jordan to visit their father either, so he decided to change his daughter's name after losing faith in getting a visiting permit from Israel, Nablus T.V. reported." (source) (h/t: Elder Of Ziyon)

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