Sunday, November 14, 2010

(NEWS) Austrian Intel Agency Engulfed In Neo-Nazi Scandal

"Verfassungsschutz agent reportedly has close ties to neo-Nazi website; Jewish editor questions country’s ability to combat radical ideologies.

Austria’s domestic intelligence agency, Verfassungsschutz, which is responsible for combating terrorism and neo-Nazi extremism, was plagued by disclosures last week in an APA news report of one of its agents having close ties to the leading neo-Nazi website and the Austrian far-right extremist movement.

Rudolf Gollia, a spokesman for Austria’s Interior Ministry, told The Jerusalem Post during a telephone conversation on Friday that intelligence agent Josef Fertschai is continuing to work for the ministry and there is no reason 'to sever ties' with him because his son, Benjamin Fertschai, is active on the 'right-wing nationalist' scene."

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