Monday, November 22, 2010

(NEWS) Son Of Holocaust Survivors Has Bar Mitzvah At 62

"Rabbi Shmuel Reich, of the Chabad Jewish enrichment Center in Clearwater Fl. recently made a Bar Mitzvah to a Jew who lost 8 brothers and sisters in the holocaust, and never had a Bar Mitzvah.

For over a year and half Rabbi Reich has been going to the flea markets every Sunday to find local Jews who cannot be found anywhere else. In Florida flea markets are very popular due to the warm weather. During this time he has made over 25 Bar mitzvah`s at the local Flea Markets.

In this case, he drove 30 minutes to a small local flea market for the purpose of finding Jews, but after an hour and a half of searching, he could not find any. Just as he was about to leave, someone tapped him on his shoulder and said 'shalom Aleichem Reb yid, ir redt idish?' His name was Morris S. (Moshe ben Chaim), he was born in 1948 in a 'Displaced Persons' camp in Germany, to his parents, only 3 years after the Holocaust. His parents lost 8 out of 10 of their children in the concentration camps. The 2 oldest sons survived the camps; they were 13 and 14 years old in 1945, and all of the 8 younger kids were killed. His parents were born in Poland and Austria, but moved to Hamburg, Germany in the early 30`s for business.

After spending 3 years in the 'D.P.' camps, they moved with their 3 sons to New Jersey, however they were too heartbroken to ever get involved in the Jewish community, therefore Morris never had a Bar Mitzvah at all. In their home they only spoke Yiddish, thus Morris is fluent in Yiddish till today. He was drafted to the Vietnam war, and he insisted on going to the Marines. He recounted how he had a whole argument with his parents – all in Yiddish – whether or not he should go to the marines; his parents said no, he said yes.

He was injured in combat, and so he became a disabled vet. Therefore he sells at the local Flea Market to generate some extra cash. His ex-wife wasn’t Jewish, though he called his son David Noson, and his daughter Malka Sheina on the name of his older brother and only sister who were killed in the camps. May they all return with Techiyas Hameisim NOW!" (source)

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