Sunday, December 12, 2010

(HELP) Petition To Add The "Temple Mount" To The List Of Jewish Heritage Sites

Please help by signing this petition and sharing with your friends to get as many signatures as possible.

The petition is to have the "Temple Mount" added to the list of Jewish heritage sites as it originally belonged to the Jews in the first place. This is where Abraham's faith was tested by God when he had to sacrifice his son (but of course didn't) and was also the place where both the Temples were located and where the 3rd Temple will be located.

The petition is in Hebrew but I have added instructions below for anyone who cannot read Hebrew. You do not have to be Jewish or Israeli to sign this, anyone can be involved. Thank you.

Click here to open the petition, see instructions below.

Instructions for non-Hebrew speaking people

1) Click the link above.
2) Scroll down the page till you see the form fields on the bottom right.
3) Where it says "שם מלא" insert your Full Name.
4) Where it says "גיל" insert your Age.
5) Where it says "יישוב / עיר" insert your City.
6) Where it says "דואר אלקטרוני" insert your email address.
7) Where it says "מספר טלפון" insert your phone number but you do not have to and is only for Israeli citizens if they want to.
8) Click the big Green button and you are done once the next page loads, you can then close the site.

Thats all :)

The owner of this petition is looking to get at least 10 000 signatures but ultimately wants 100 000 - but 10 000 is enough to make the news at least which will then increase the amount of people signing it far quicker...

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