Sunday, December 12, 2010

(IDF) IDF & Israel Ministry Of Defense Send A Humanitarian Aid Delegation To Relieve Columbian Flood Victims

"Today (Sunday, December 12th 2010), the IDF and the Israel Ministry of Defense sent a humanitarian aid delegation to provide medical care and services to the flood victims in Columbia.

The delegation will carry approximately 50 tons of equipment to Columbia, including 20 tons of dry foods, five thousand medical kits, two thousand blankets, one thousand poncho jacket, one thousand mattresses, and one hundred tents.

Commander of Home Front Command’s National Search and Rescue Unit, Brig. Gen. (Res.) Shalom Ben-Arye, said: 'The IDF instructed the Home Front Command to send a humanitarian aid delegation to the Columbian flood victims. We are to land in Columbia, distribute the aid and return only once our mission is completed.'

Deputy General Manager of the Ministry of Defense, Mr. Bezalel Treiber, said: 'Over the past two days there has been a rapid deployment, including approximately 50 tons of equipment. The delegation will now set out for Columbia. I wish to thank the delegation staff, the Home Front Command and the Ministry of Defense and wish them luck on their mission.'" (source)

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