Tuesday, May 17, 2011

(VIDEO) 2,000 Attend Massive Pro-Israel Event In London

Supporters of Israel held a rally opposite an anti-Israel “Nakba Day” protest Sunday in London.

A few hours later, close to 2,000 people attended a high-profile event in support of the Jewish state, “We Believe in Israel.”

The event featured sessions with top-level political speakers from both Britain and Israel, and a series of workshops where delegates learned from experts about campaigning and communicating.

Delegates also learned the latest facts and arguments about the situation in Israel and the wider Middle East. A major focus was placed on helping delegates to understand the views of the British public and political figures on Israel, and how best to communicate with each specific audience.

Rafi Nassi, Head of the Jewish Agency delegation in London, told Arutz Sheva correspondent Hezki Ezra that the event was the largest of its kind in recent memory. It was, he said, “a huge show of force by supporters of Israel and the British Jewish community.”

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