Wednesday, May 18, 2011

(VIDEO) Muslims, Leftists Bring "Holy War" Against Jews To Streets Of L.A.- With Police Assistance

Video below: A small group of Zionist supporters of Israel stand against the Nakba rally of L.A.'s Moslems, the far-left, and leftist Jewish Voice for Peace at the Israeli Consulate in LA on May 15, 2011.

Naqba rally leaders objected to this reporter giving exposure to their demonstration; a Moslem organizer called police to remove him from the street. Despite numerous LAPD police just standing around on periphery, rather than stand to protect this journalist's right to film, policeman intimidated him into leaving, with the implied threat that police might not be "able to protect him in time from potential attack" from chronicling Moslem/leftist protestors.

After he left, police supposedly abused a Jewish teen for filming a Moslem's Jew-hateful rant - under the charge of 'jaywalking' , i.e., not returning to the sidewalk before the light changed.

The young man says the cops manhandled him to put his arms in handcuffs, placed him inside a police car, seized his wallet and removed and examined all its contents.

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