Saturday, June 18, 2011

(NOTICE) "Abduct A Partner For Gilad Shalit" Hate Page Removed From Facebook

Recently another Hate Page was created on Facebook titled "The people want a bride for Gilad Shalit" (In Arabic), calling for the abduction of a female IDF soldier to marry the already kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit...

Ynet reported: "The intention behind the slogan is clear: A call for the abduction of an Israeli female solider who will serve as yet another Hamas bargaining chip in a future prisoner swap with the Jewish state."

Moments after this page was created, I added it to my list of Hate Speech groups to be removed from Facebook and also notified my contact at the Simon Wiesenthal Center... The page was sent directly to Facebook via my contact at SWC and was successfully removed due to this action in the same way that many other controversial Facebook hate pages were removed in the recent past... These removal campaigns included the notorious "Kill A Jew Day" & "Burn A Jew Day" events as well as the recently removed anti-semitic "News Cottage" blog... A big thanks goes out to SWC for the rapid assistance in these removals.

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