Saturday, June 18, 2011

(NOTICE) News Cottage: Highly Antisemitic & Racist Blog Removed - UPDATED!

UPDATE: This anti-Semitic hate blog has been removed!

Original post date of this article: 28th October 2010
For a few months now I have been monitoring certain antisemitic websites and blogs to see how far they are willing to go with the type of content they deliver to their naive and ignorant audience.

So far only a few, that I have managed to find, stick out as much as "News Cottage". The author of the site, Bobbi Lea, writes daily articles relating to Jews and black people but always portrays them in the worst possible way imaginable.

The sites makes people believe it is a real news source but it is far from that. quotes "The website features the common theme that Jews are the source of all of the world's troubles. The website blames all Jews from the 'brutal murder...of Christ at the hand of the Jews.'"

Her website quotes "Bobbi Lea is a Survivor Descendant of the Physical Death of Almighty God - the brutal murder upon YAHWEH the Christ at the hand of the Jews. The Jews murdered Him in cold blood without a cause under their Jewish anti-Christ laws admitting to, and claiming this act of terrorism upon themselves and their children, who God Himself said were Devils. But, to the true children of Jacob-Israel (Anglo-Saxons) and their outright rejection of YHVH the Christ, the United States of America (the New Jerusalem) must suffer the plundering and punishments of their disobedience, for failure to uphold the Law, and serving false gods, as well as allowing the encouraged Jewish genocide of 'mongrelization' upon the Lost Sheep of the House of Jacob-Israel, being exterminated, race-mixed out of existence."

She claims to not be a part of any group or organization "but under the direct Command and Leadership of Almighty God, YAHWEH the Christ".

Examples of her distasteful articles include:

The list goes on a mile long!

So I have been in contact with the Simon Wiesenthal Center once again, the same people who help me with the removal of antisemitic troll accounts and antisemitic pages from Facebook such as the "Kill A Jew Day" & "Burn A Jew Day" events that occurred pretty regularly until we managed to deter them from creating anymore due to the rapid removal of these events.

I have informed the Simon Wiesenthal Center of this antisemitic & racist blog and they will be helping me by looking into whether they can have this site removed from Google's servers. I do hope that Google will agree to have it removed as the amount of antisemitic & racist incitement it creates is beyond disgusting. I will certainly keep everyone informed of the progress of this request.

UPDATE: This anti-Semitic hate blog has been removed!

UPDATE: So far Google are only willing to show a warning message, like the one below, before entering the antisemitic / racist website, I am not sure if they will be removing it but I will see what I can do with the contacts I have.

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