Thursday, July 29, 2010

(NEWS) Hamas Bans Women's Underwear From Shop Windows

"Prohibition aims to 'restore Palestinian morals.'

The Hamas Islamic movement that controls the Gaza Strip has banned shops from displaying women’s underwear in their windows, saying it offends public morality.

The prohibition is intended to 'restore public morals in Palestinian society,' according to an e-mailed statement sent Thursday by Hamas police spokesman Ayman Batniji. 'The police will also launch investigations into the conduct of the store owners to avoid any suspicious behavior with female customers,' the statement said."

My Opinion

Yet another reason to control their women and make them as worthy as nothing, what about mens underwear??

Islam never ceases to amaze me as to what it comes up with to discriminate against women and well anyone else that are not Muslim or male...

They have a sick and backward belief system and sadly a lot of non-Muslim people agree that this is acceptable, there is something wrong with you if you believe this is acceptable, whats next??

I feel very sorry for the women in Islam and the women in Islam who agree with all this have some serious identity issues about what it all means...

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