Monday, September 27, 2010

(NEWS) Mashaal: We'll Continue 'To Kill Illegal Settlers'

"Hamas leader says Palestinians will return to 'resistance' if int'l community doesn't force Israel back to 1967 borders.

Hamas leader in Damascus Khaled Mashaal said that if the international community does not force Israel to to retreat to the 1967 borders, the Palestinian people's only recourse will be 'resistance.' Mashaal's comments came in an interview aired on CNN on Monday.

When asked about last months terror attack near Kiryat Arba, in which four Israelis were killed by Hamas gunmen, Mashaal said that Hamas will continue to 'kill illegal settlers on our land.' He stated that Israeli settlers were the source of the problem and he failed to understand why the international community gets upset when 'we defend our people by confronting Israeli killings.'"

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